Miss World 2011 News Update - Top 30 Presentations for Beauty with a Purpose

    Top 30 Presentations for Beauty with a Purpose are:

    Pictured above are just 9 of the 30 awarded top presentation for Beauty with a Purpose. From left to right, Philippines, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Spain, Indonesia, Scotland, Ecuador, India and South Africa.

    Barbados, Botswana, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Latvia, Liberia, Malaysia, Nepal, Scotland, South Africa, Spian, Tanzania, US Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Bahamas, Bonaire, England, India, Malta, Namibia, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, Sweden and Thailand.

    Courtesy of MISS WORLD ORGANISATIONSource URL: http://bestdealsearch.blogspot.com/2011/11/miss-world-2011-news-update-top-30.html
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