Meet Miss World 2012 Contestant - ETHIOPIA - Melkam ENDALE's Photos & Profile/Biography/Interview


    Country: Ethiopia
    Name : Melkam ENDALE
    Age : 21
    Height : 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
    Hometown: Addis Ababa
    Languages : English


    Melkam is currently a university student hoping to change the image of her home country. Melkam’s favourite books are the Harry Potter series and she enjoys writing poems and playing football in her spare time. Melkam’s personal motto is: ‘Everything happens for a reason.’


    Tell us a little something about your Country ?

    My hometown is a town which is covered with cultural and historical elements but is very beautiful.

    Future ambitions ?

    To help change the image of my country and be part of many humanitarian activities.

    Describe yourself

    I am there for everyone.

    Personal Motto?

    Everything happens for a reason.

    Favourite food ?

    Salad, and our traditional food, Kitjo.

    Favourite Music / Books ?

    J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

    Special Talents ?

    I am fond of writing poetry.

    Any other interesting facts ?

    Listening to Yanni and Kenny G’s classical.


    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia - Melkam Michael Endale (21, 1.73m) was crowned Miss World Ethiopia 2011 in Addis Ababa. She will represent Ethiopia in Miss World 2012

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