Miss Humanity International 2011 Contestant - Miss Kenya, Diana Nekoye

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    Country: Republic of Kenya
    Age: 23 years
    Height: 173.00 cm
    Occupation: Producer
    Horoscope: Scorpio


    Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. (Luke 8:16)


    Fashion Designing, Reading Novels(Fiction), Spending time with children, Cooking, Knitting Scarves, Dancing, Dinner cruises, Aikido(Japanese self defense training), Praying and Making new friends. Charity Fashion events like Fashion for Relief in Dar-Es Salaam, Tanzania and Kenya's Fashion for Peace to spread love and peace through fashion.


    Educational background:
    Bachelor of Commerce Degree(Marketing Major) Graduating Class of December 2010(2006-2010)
    Lugulu Girls' High School Class of 2005(2002-2005)
    Mumias Central Primary School Class of 2001(1994-2001)


    I have to use every opportunity presented to me to advocate for peace not only in Kenya but all of Africa. I wish to become the first Miss Humanity International and Peace Ambassador using this as a platform which will enable me to form alliances with Charitable non-profit organizations such as Fashion for Relief in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania and Kenya's Fashion For Peace which are campaigns that spread love and peace through fashion. As a peace ambassador I will brighten the faces of orphaned children in Kenya by involving them with my annual Simbaress Fashion for Love Event. I've proudly represented Kenya impressively at international pageants placing:

    1st Runner's Up (Miss Summer) at Miss Bikini International 2010, Beijing & Sanya in China
    Finalist in Face of Africa 2009 - 2010 Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa & Nigeria
    1st Runner's Up at Ford SuperModel Search (Catwalk Kenya) 2007

    Humanitarian Advocacy:

    It is disheartening to say that the people in my country have been the victims of the effects of political warfare. This has led to high increases of orphaned & disabled children. For my advocacy in working towards peace in my country I've joined three organization Kenya's Rotary Club at the Rally for Children with Special Needs, Wangige Children Home and Bila Ukabila... Which is Swahili for Without Tribalism/nepotism- It was formed by colleagues after the post election violence in Kenya.

    I love children and how innocent they are, it hurts me to see a child suffer or being left out by their parents. Universally everyone loves children, but not all the children in the world are happy. Some of the kids in the orphanage were abandoned by their parents, they are not really orphans. The children with special needs, some are mentally handicapped and others physically handicapped :-( I like spending time with them, bringing food and snacks, having a play day with them. During my third year of university, my friends and I went to the Wangige children's homes, cleaned their little hostels, gave them clothes we bought at the flee market and i even braided the girls' hair! It was so much fun to see the kids happy and having a good time.

    By highlighting all these causes, I believe that the Kenyan society would become selfless and think of the children with special needs, the orphans and even be positive in terms of letting go off the hatred that was brought by the post election violence. Different ethnic groups went against each other all because of politics and many people lost their lives and homes. That was saddening. We travelled with my family up country to go and vote with my grandmother and when we were travelling back to the city most houses had been burnt down to the ground! Dominant ethnic groups in certain areas turned against the minority groups all because of politics.

    By promoting peace in Kenya as a cause, highlighting that the past should never be repeated in the face of 2012 elections is also something I would like to be involved in that is why I have joined the Bila Ukabila intiative as one of the Peace Ambassadors.

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